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Startup Mentor | Technology Commercialization Expert

President of Canada's largest non-profit fabrication lab operating out of 27,000 square feet across Innovation Drive and Innovation Alley in Winnipeg, Canada.

Innovate Everything! Workshop

Using the power of innovation to remove barriers to success and growth.

This workshop involved breaking into groups of 10 to identify and describe key issues that hinder business in the region followed by a series of group exercises to generate innovative solutions.

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Jeff Ryzner


Career Transition Consultant | Workshop Facilitator

Kerri has helped hundreds of people to find and confidently communicate their values to land their ideal job.

What if, instead of searching for new ways to connect with people in your life and business, you could trust your own stories?  Ones that build and market your presence and give people a reason to trust and buy from you?  Stories matter.

In this workshop, Kerri Twigg showed us how knowing your own story, and the ones you share with others, will change the way you market your business.  She taught us how to find our story and what to do with it.

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Kerri Twigg


Owner of Shorty's Upcycling Studio in Thompson, MB

Don makes beautiful things out of bascially anything he can get his hands on!  His journey to business success started the day he made a pot rack out of a bunk bed frame.

Don shares the inspirational story of his ups and downs on the road to entrepreneurship and how, in the face of adversity, he works to stay positive and share his message of perseverance with other entrepreneurs.

When Don developed a serious health condition that limited his ability to work, he had to get creative in finding a new career.  With support from his family, friends, and the Community Futures organization Don upcycled his way to entrepreneurial success.

Learn more at Shorty's Facebook page (@shortyshome) & visit the "Winners" tab at

Don Glenn


President & CEO of Evident I.T. in Winnipeg, MB

Roger specializes in Online Strategic strategies, Websites, Online Communities, and facilitates and advocates proper communication betwen technical staff and upper managment.

Whether your business is big or small, security is key.

Learn how to identify and protect yourself and you Organization from Ransomware, Crypto-viruses, CEO spam, Phishing, and more.

Social Engineering is the new risk - Be Ready!

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Roger Miranda

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